Sound Tree - 2016

550cm x 700cm x 300cm

Curator's Eye

Exploring the complex relationships and divisions between humans, animals and nature, Dong Hun creates large-scale sculptural installations that draw on the power of the natural world and its role in the development of society, culture and history. Hun is known primarily for his giant iron trees that protrude from the ground, adorned with delicate ceramic bells for leaves; the perfect addition to any garden or sculpture park.

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In the excavation project, the artist dig a big hole in the form of trees deep in the earth and fills with cement inside later, He digs up the structure again in certain days like the case of excavation of ancient artifact or large fossil in archaeological research. The Sound-tree is a tree sculptures which obtained popularity. After creating sculpture in the form of a tree with stainless steel, he hung about 2,000 pieces of porcelain wind-bell on every branch. Trembling in the breeze, these wind-bells make a sound and harmony of sound made from the interaction of wind and wind-bell is almost fantastic.

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