Splitting Site

62cm x 53cm x 21cm
Wood, Synthetic Leather, LCD monitor, LED Lamp etc.

Curator's Eye

By uniting the surreal and the mundane, Cha Min-Young’s work is inhabited by both the familiar and the extraordinary. Min-Young offers an insight into an alternate reality; one that is ever-present just beyond the boundaries of our own known existence. Encouraging the viewer to look beyond what first meets the eye, she injects uncanny pockets of life into found objects that would otherwise be overlooked and invisible - ultimately allowing the viewer to question their perception of life beyond their own. A big hit when she showed at START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery.

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This work borrowed the concept of splitting work in half of a typical wooden house in New Jersey Englewood, by Gordon Matta-Clark in 1974. He criticized the situation in which the house as a residence value has fallen into exchange value by capitalism. I have the space of rented commercial office that represents the most capitalistic attributes of buying and selling places in a suitcase that is metaphorically represented by a capitalist system, and drastically cut it and showed a cross section. It was intended to visually show that the properties of modern places today are trapped by an external construction system called a suitcase.