St Mark, the winged Lion

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Year: 2021
Dimensions: 36cm x 47cm x 2cm


The notions surrounding the symbolism of the Winged Bull, Lion, Man and Eagle date from 2500 years ago, long before the Christian faith, to the Exile of the people of Israel in Babylon in the 6th century BC. For those unfamiliar with the Exile, it is a period when the Israelites were held captive in the foreign lands of Babylon, far from Jerusalem, for approximately 70 years. There, a prophet named Ezekiel receives a vision that would revolutionise the faith of the God of Abraham: at the age of 30, on the banks of the Kebar (Chebar) River, the prophet Ezekiel is faced with what he will call “the appearance of the Glory of God” ; he describes what he sees as a type of heavenly chariot; a throne carried by four fantastic creatures (Ezekiel 1: 4-28)

Medium: Egg tempera, encaustic wax and gesso on cotton paper

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


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