St Matthew, the winged Man

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Year: 2021
Dimensions: 36cm x 47cm x 2cm


Jesus of Nazareth, of David's lineage (Matthew 1:1-16), 500 years after Ezekiel, will resume this narrative. It will work on the notion that the presence of God is absolute and is not restricted to geography (as inside the Temple of Solomon, for example) but inhabits the human being. This becomes clearer in the famous biblical passage that Jesus expels merchants from the temple and is asked about his authority to do so and replies: 'Destroy this temple, and in three days, I will rebuild it'. The Jews replied: 'In forty-six years this temple was built, and you say that in three days you will raise it up?'. However, he referred to the temple of his body (John 2: 19-22). Therefore, just like the four Cherubins carried God in His heavenly chariot, the four Gospels sustain the figure of Christ. Hence the figures attributed to the Cherubims are symbolically associated with each of the Gospels: Matthew, the Man; Mark, the Lion; Luke, the Bull; and John, the Eagle. Cherubims are portrayed as earthly creatures with wings as an allegory that all Creation sanctifies God and that everything is for his glory.

Medium: Egg tempera, encaustic wax and gesso on cotton paper

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


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