Station to Station

152cm x 137cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Aishath Huda creates visual poetry through her reflective, dream-like works of abstraction. The verdant natural landscapes of the Indian Ocean islands have evidently inspired her colour palette, where deep, rich blues melt into scorched ochre. Acting as a continuous moving dialogue, Huda’s paintings have a temporality about them which is only furthered by her non-traditional layering and peeling away of materials.

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An excerpt from the Artist’s statement of ‘The Bird and the Flying Fish’:

Imagine, being somewhere and seeing, listening, feeling

And experiencing the entirety of the place,

From every single viewpoint possible. All at once. The unseeing reality. The Cosmic flow of all things.

“The Bird and the Flying Fish” is an interpretation of past experiences, from conversations with people to interactions with nature, through observed and imagined vantage points. The emotive experience of colour and the effect of perspective on altering human perception. The infinite possibilities of different standpoints and divergent interpretations. An observation of how we see (or don’t see) things.

With each painting, I am in a new place. My consciousness constantly moving. Every viewpoint contributing to interrelation of forms, pure colours and shapes. The forms changing, uniting and the perspectives overlapping. From deep sea to high air, transforming with momentum and time; like a bird flying through the atmospheric energies and weather patterns, or a flying fish breaking the surface of the water and gliding into the air”.

Medium: Rice paper ink, pigments and oil on canvas

Country of Origin: Maldives