‘Strawberry Kisses’

45cm x 61cm x 4cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

A kaleidoscope of colour confronts the viewer upon first sight of Emma-Louise Grady’s electric canvases. As soft pastel pinks give way to enlivened turquoise, labyrinthine networks of organic shapes grow and intertwine to create formations of considered abstraction. Drawing on the aesthetic framework of Australian Aboriginal art, intuitive mark-making allows for a freedom of both narrative and composition.

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‘Strawberry Kisses’ was created as part of my solo show ‘Wanderings’. I took inspiration from the vibrant colours that fruits have especially during the summer. For the patterns I was influenced by paintings of the renaissance era, specifically the small details you tend to find when you look close enough.

All of my works are either on MDF Board or paper. 
The mediums in my work are usually Acrylic paint, Posca paint pens and sometimes I add in oil pastels but not always. 
I use the Acrylic paint to establish a base before I add the details with the pens. I do looser markmakings with the paint creating depth to the piece. Occasionally in some paintings I will let a small part of the painting come through the work with no penwork on it, almost like creating a portal within the piece. The posca pens are then used when the base has been established to create the intricate details you see. I use a wide variety of sizes and colours with these pens. The smallest pens I use are 0.7mm to make the really small marks. I also use 0.9mm, 1.3mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm and sometimes 15.0mm size pens.
Some paintings are only acrylic paint and posca pens. I find these pieces to be the most intricate and detailed. In other works I will occasionally add oil pastels. I use this when I want to create a more free flowing piece. I feel as though the oil pastels help to make space between the details so it helps the viewer focus more on those intricate  marks. I use a more limited colour range with the oil pastels so as not to distract too much attention from the patterns. The oil pastels are mainly primary colours with a couple of orange, greens, purples and pinks mixed in.
Throughout all my works I like to use vibrant and vivid colours to help those intricacies shine through.
Medium: Acrylic paint, Posca paint pens and oil pastels
Country of Origin: United Kingdom