Sundown Community/In the Roost

160cm x 160cm

Curator's Eye

Oscar Crabb creates rich and vibrant textile works that explore the environmental and political impacts of the current climate crisis. Utilizing recycled materials and natural dyes, Crabb takes on a holistic sustainability within the creation process, understanding the complexities of his materials and how they work with one another. Often displaying these works alongside cutting-edge scientific research, Crabb – although acknowledging his work alone is not the answer – situates his practice as an agent of change within enviro-political discourse.

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I’ve always loved how crows, rooks, jackdaws etc. always come to roost in the evening - so when I wanted to do a piece that highlighted the importance of communal values, coming together, and resting, it was obvious to me that I wanted to depict this scene. It’s important that we remember the values of what a roost represents - resting, coming together.

Country of Origin: UK

Unframed (Framing upon request)

Medium: Osage, Fustic, Weld, Madder, Indigo, Logwood, Iron, Oak, Pomegranate on Linen.