Surealist Painting number one, Bowels

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Year: 2022
Dimensions: 90cm x 60cm x 2cm


One of the toughest diseases I ever had hit me as a stomachal virus that left me completely empty for days. Between the conscious fever and the fever dreams, I ended up dreaming of myself painting this piece. In it, the machine would do all my internal necessities or even go to the toilet instead of me for the rest of my life. In the dream, the day was nice and I was well but suddenly I woke up again in the misery and darkness of a London cold wave. With the little strength I had, I painted the pink background exactly how the dream was and then fell asleep again. ( background subconsciously inspired by Philip Guston)

Medium: Oil painting over primed canvas, self stretched and primed

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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