Table of Bacchus

85cm x 95cm

Curator's Eye

Bihop’s bold, expressive works draw on the canon of art history by reinterpreting some of the world’s most recognisable works of art and literature. Most notable about these works is the omission of any human or animal form, but life and vivacity is ever-present in the form of energetic brushstrokes that dance across the canvas, splitting and dissecting the composition.

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A parody of Caravaggio's 1593-1594 work 'Bacchus'. Nietzsche is a German radical philosopher who changed the paradigm of conventional Western philosophy by placing Bacchus (Dionysus), the god of alcohol and emotion, on the same line as Apollon, the god of rule and reason.However, his philosophy transformed into another metaphysics and ideology, and Dionysus became another name for Apollon, which had been sustained until modern times, and became an object of reverence.