The 100 Greatest (Barometer Object)

8cm x 200cm x 8cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Minah Son’s work is concerned with the quest for absolute truth through words. Aesthetically and conceptually borrowing from religious texts such as the bible, Son creates large-scale sculptures that seemingly produce lengthy, readable text; however, on closer inspection, the viewer finds a deeper meaning in the visual code presented before them. Perhaps, you could say Son has created a new language in her works that transcends borders and barriers – and ultimately relies on a universal understanding of instinctive visuality. Her work has been seen in important museum shows in Thailand such as the Bangkok Art Biennale alongside artists such as Bill Viola and Yoko Ono. This is an artist who is without doubt on the cusp of wider international attention.

The Barometer Object, which translates and lists the names of 100 artists into Minah Son`s letter

Made to order.

Medium: Mixed Media (Corrosion on Stainless Steel)