The Criers (2021)

215cm x 160cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Highly unique and inventive, Marcus Dove’s explosive canvases are created through the use of gunpowder and smoke grenades. Investigating trauma and self-destruction within human relationships, these works are created through physical destruction, acting as a visual and symbolic nod towards the themes explored. Drawing on the expressiveness of Francis Bacon and the vibrancy of Pop Art, these novel and distinctive works of art are an exciting edition to any domestic collection.

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The inspiration behind these pieces is the self-destruction, trauma and issues in modern relationships. These themes resonate with the Marcus’ signature materials and methods of using gunpowder and smoke grenades to scorch into the canvass, referring to 'creation via destruction' that is, pyrotechnics and exothermic reactions, because just like the themes explored and addressed, they also produce mark-making results via destructive process. The only thing that is changing is the type of canvas they leave those marks on.