The Lamb

30cm x 25cm x 20cm

Curator's Eye

Bae Jeong Moon creates simplistic, yet intricate sculptures that command attention within any space. In many of his works, a perfectly vertical stretch of iron is abruptly interrupted by a seemingly untamed, yet carefully calculated network of smaller poles that jut out from the centre – emphasizing the three-dimensionality of the pieces. At times reminiscent of the DNA molecule, Jeong Moon seamlessly blends scientific, geometric structures with natural, organic forms. Drawing on the legacy of Korean abstraction, this is work that also speaks of the essence of being. Intriguing sculptural work for the discerning collector.

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The lamb is offering for my nephew who suddenly died from a car accident. In Korea, we offer meals for the dead on an ancestral rite every year, which is supposed to be communion with them.

Style: Bronze after modeling

Country of Origin: S.Korea