The Press

16cm x 34cm x 16cm

Curator's Eye

Using his materials as a means to explore socio-political discourse within contemporary China, Yingming Chen presents a wide-ranging collection of sculptures that investigate themes of globalisation, governmental surveillance and traditional Chinese culture. A plethora of materials are used here, from identical pairs of shoes that question the reality of individualism in China, to a papier-mâché video camera that comments on the complexities of free speech and the documentation of protests.

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A recent sculptural work which takes the form of a handheld Sony video camera - one of the types of device used by official news reporters during the 2019 Hong Kong extradition protests - as a starting point. The work is made from papier-mâché and is placed in an upright position on a plinth, with the lens pointing downwards.

 Using a traditional method of making paper pulp, the materials used are printouts of media reports and comment sections from websites and mobile apps about the extradition protests. Utilising traditional techniques to construct the work and repurposing politically charged printed matter, the work reflects on the manipulation of public opinion and the influence of the media on people and reality, as well as the nature of protest and dissent.

Style: Sculpture

Country of Origin: England