The Sweep

42cm x 36cm

Curator's Eye

There is an ethereal beauty imbedded within David Magee’s natural landscape photography. Magee offers the viewer a window into the sublime tranquillity of the natural world by translating the majesty of the sea, the tessellation of rock formations, and sheer expanse of the sky, into arresting works of art.

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Earth, Water, Air... are the recurring elements that I work with. It is my relationship with and my interpretation of these elements that forms the basis of my photographs, in whatever form they take, once I am absorbed in the landscape. My intention is to offer the viewer a point in time to reflect and be drawn into a world of quietude, contemplation and tranquility. To engage the viewer with the experience of being immersed in the landscape and the spirituality of nature. The location itself, is totally secondary to the feeling. The feeling is everything.

Country of Origin: West Cork, Ireland

Medium: Editioned Archival Pigment Print

Framed: $2200
Unframed: $1800