The White Kingdom

200cm x 245cm x 130cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Exploring the complex relationships and divisions between humans, animals and nature, Dong Hun creates large-scale sculptural installations that draw on the power of the natural world and its role in the development of society, culture and history. Hun is known primarily for his giant iron trees that protrude from the ground, adorned with delicate ceramic bells for leaves; the perfect addition to any garden or sculpture park.

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The stag in The White Kingdom combines iron as the origin of modern material civilization with the traditional techniques of blue-and-white porcelain in order to portray an expression of the present day, where yin and yang stand in harmony, and where nature and civilization, tradition and the present, reality and the surreal, truth and facts coexist in a mix. The porcelain features the painted scenery of a harmonious coexistence between fish, lotus flowers, and butterflies, revealing a utopian world as imagined by the sculptor who wishes to live a life of tranquility surrounded by nature.

Country of Origin: South Korea.