170cm x 140cm x 4cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Exploring an ‘entangled landscape of experience’, Bo Lanyon’s ethereal and thought-provoking works connect and communicate through different mediums, often bridging both the physical and digital. Organic forms dance across the canvas as they float within their weightlessness, metamorphosing from abstraction into figuration, where entangled bundles of rope are guided by solitary hands - the slightest suggestion of human presence. Furthermore, cavernous, infinite greys and black make for contemplative backdrops to the convoluted elements of the foreground.

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The imagery of coils/loops/threads is a recurrent motif, a form of knot making itself in space. A threading between thought, action, method/materials of making, and image, a glimpse into, or capture of, a symbolic-emotive thought process. The pigment here is intentionally thin, hovering in a subtle opaqueness rather than being glaringly crisp, almost a ghostly, smoke-like element. A push and pull between the illustrative/graphic/figurative and the abstract here as a tension, a space-between, somehow connected both in the construction of the image itself and the potential themes or subjects within it.

Medium: Ink, acrylic & pigment on canvas

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Umbrella, Eloise Schoeman, Painting, Acrylic, 2021

Eloise Schoeman