Twiggy - 'The Model'

160cm x 220cm x 9cm

Curator's Eye

BASSA creates striking, animated works on canvas that explore the vitality of both human and animal life. Using prestigious Italian Maimeri paints, BAASA’s works have a vivacious luminosity to them that can at times imbue the canvas with a sense of three-dimensionality. Eye-catching within any domestic or public space, the viewer has no choice but to be drawn into these arresting works of Pop Art.

Lesley Dawson DBE - The British cultural Icon - ‘Twiggy’ Catapulted into fame in the mid 1960’s at sixteen years old. Twiggy was the world’s first super model, distinguished by her uniqueness, exquisite eyes, extraordinary lashes, pixie cropped hair, and waif like body. Astonishment, with a glint of humour in her eyes, mystifying. Worked in neon ‘Twiggy’, encapsulates an uniquely contrasting persona.