Untitled 2 - 2021

30cm x 45cm x 30cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Ece Bayram’s playful and delightfully inventive sculptures present a world of contrasts by exploring the tangibility of materials within everyday settings. Organic stands alongside geometric - shown through the winding tagliatelle placed against the crisp architectural quality of the stands; the everyday and the luxurious – white tiles vie for attention amid lavish designer shoes. Through these contrasts, Bayram investigates themes of desire and materiality – but all with a refreshing sense of humour, and shrewd attention to quality and detail.

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Familiar elements such as shoes and food come together to create unfamiliar scenarios, in which they humorously play with push and pull of desire, the interchange of real images and constructed images, the pristine and the abject.

Medium: Patent Leather Stiletto, Ceramic Tiles, Grout, Wood Panel, Epoxy Resin, Pigment, Latex, Dried Mint, Acrylic Paint

Country of Origin: UK