Untitled I

97cm x 130cm

Curator's Eye

It is clear to see how Du Nam Choi’s successful career as an architect has bled into his work as a painter. Crisp, horizontal lines, compositional balance and spatial order remain central to these abstract works. Often choosing to place the majority of brushstrokes towards the top of the canvas, delicate strands of paint plummet towards the empty bottom, made ever-more striking by the muted backgrounds. Choi makes use of delightful colour palettes that can at once reference cascading water, or a field of flowers. These thoughtful, meditative paintings would suit a modern or contemporary setting.

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Often times in painting, a painter's very basic gestures are comprised of series of single brushstrokes. In this painting each horizontal brushstroke is used as a tool to express the power and beauty of diverse colors in the pursuit of harmony between individual members and a total composition as a whole on a two dimensional plane called, canvas.