162cm x 130cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Using ink on Korean paper, Lee Chae Young fuses traditional mediums with a contemporary aesthetic in these majestic meditations on rural landscapes. Painstakingly detailed, Young’s monochromatic palette of black, white and grey forces the viewer to think about the play between light and shade; furthermore, this chosen palette castes an eery haze of mystery and intrigue across these vistas, as if life has stood still the moment the viewer casts their gaze across the scene. These are serious, beautiful works whose detail will enrapture any collector for years to come and will be the cornerstone of any new collection.

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When the house on the side of the road always looks strangely unfamiliar that day, every single moment of your life hits us out of the blue, and you and I reveal who it is. And emotions react. There is a place that creates unique emotions in the ordinary scenery that pass by casually. Lee Chae-young wants to show that different times and spaces operate in ordinary streets that anyone can see.

Style: Painting

Country of Origin: Korea