White hole n.22

130cm x 87cm

Curator's Eye

Lee Minho presents unique and inventive digital ruminations on the global health crisis of the past two years. Desolate, empty landscapes that have an eerie, post-apocalyptic quality to them are entirely otherworldly - and at times have a greater aesthetic resemblance to the surface of the moon than that of planet Earth. Furthermore, a glacial palette of icy greys fortifies the sense of lifelessness within these baron, urban plains. The distinguished recurring motif of a large white sphere – perhaps a reference to our planet pre-pandemic – lingers weightlessly without life, as it leaves the composition undisturbed. These are works that speak to our current times, and perfect for those who want their collection to be super-contemporary and reflect on the now.

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SF novels and movies, social phenomenon provided by Covid-19. As in the “Fictional Journey” of Nicolas Bourriaud, I try to evoke past or present situations or places/spaces with traces of life left in the form of speaking or resynthesizing reality without erasing it.Style: Inkjet print

No. of Editions available: 2/5

Country of Origin: South Korea