White Hot

35cm x 42cm x 23cm

Curator's Eye

British contemporary multidisciplinary artist Naomi Wallens is a visual story-teller. Her painting, photography and sculpture, all share a common theme - to fight and challenge societal injustices and champion empowerment and love.

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Naomi’s Inner Rebel and studies of Female Conformity are referenced in this boldly beautiful sculpture. Naomi took a cast her own derriere in rebellion to the pressure she was feeling in Society to behave a certain way. This sculpture forms part of the ‘Hot Ass’ range, where the Ass is so white hot - it is melting the Champagne Bottle and Ice around it! Naomi became inspired by the story of Jay-Z, who dropped his favourite Champagne at the time; Cristal over remarks widely perceived as racist in 2006. In response, he went onto purchase Armand de Brignac in 2014 and now the famous Ace of Spades gold bottle has become synonymous with supreme luxury. As homage to Jay-Z, each of the Hot Ass Sculptures feature some of the Artist’s lyrics. The White Hot Sculpture is a Vibe in itself - a truly unique showstopper in any collection.

Medium: Jesmonite Cast with Spray Paint and Acrylic, Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne Bottle, Resin and Putty Drips Hand Gilded in 24 Carat Gold Leaf, Finished in a High Gloss Glaze

Country of Origin: United Kingdom