XL Medallion Lift off

55cm x 105cm x 10cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Carina Wagenaar creates large-scale wall medallions that bridge the ancient world with the modern. Opulent and extravagant, Wagenaar’s works are at times reminiscent of luxurious jewellery or gilded armour, where exceptional attention to detail pulls the viewer into new worlds that continue to transform the further into the works you travel. Wagenaar's work presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to augment their collections of modern design with contemporary art.

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‘Lift-off’ is about the process of achieving the highest achievable and the way to get there.

The rocket ship is being fired and the countdown starts: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1; Lift-off!

Little persons are pointing up into the air. It all happens between the sun and the stars.

On the rocket is a person who is holding the flag. He is ready and safely behind a fence.

When the signal of the main traffic light is green, the rocket will be released. It shoots up, the fire comes out of the bottom, the champagne cork pops, and the firework shows beautiful fans on all sides.

The victory cups are standing next to the rocket man.

The mouth above him is a symbol of good communication.

The lucky elephant’s head is at the top with its trunk up. He taps the sun.

The highest achievable has been achieved. This artwork has gold leaf (2,5 carat) and copperleaf in it and some Swarovski crystals.