XXL Medallion Scarab

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Year: 2018
Dimensions: 105cm x 185cm x 20cm


The scarab is often depicted as a reflection of Chepri or Ra, the god of the rising sun, because the scarab rolls a ball of dung which was seen as similar to the heavenly cycle.

The scarab became a beloved and significant amulet and symbol of rebirth, immortality, potency, procreation and wisdom. As an amulet it gave protection to the living and gave rebirth to the death. Also, very big scarabs were found for amulets for the protection of buildings.

This xxl medallion artwork has the statue of a scarab as being an amulet for your surroundings; to protect the owners. The numerous Swarovski crystals symbolizes the sparkles in life. The scarab has a pearl-colored ball (energy that brings tranquility, peace and enlightenment) to roll with at the top and multiple balls underneath, for creating new life. The cobras at the sides are a symbol for protection and healing. It brings transformation of power when old things have to give room to something new. They give you courage.

This amulet and lucky charm have two halves that represent also our left and right hemispheres of the brain: thinking on the left and feeling on the right. Through the equal development of both sides, we learn to act in a balanced way and to live a powerful life.

The artwork is edited with 2,5 carat gold-leaf. Gold has always been of great value. For the ancient Egyptians, gold was a divine metal, and therefore had the power of divine life: immortality.

Country of Origin: Netherlands

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