XXL Medallion Spread the word LOVE

105cm x 185cm x 20cm
Mixed Media

Curator's Eye

Carina Wagenaar creates large-scale wall medallions that bridge the ancient world with the modern. Opulent and extravagant, Wagenaar’s works are at times reminiscent of luxurious jewellery or gilded armour, where exceptional attention to detail pulls the viewer into new worlds that continue to transform the further into the works you travel. Wagenaar's work presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to augment their collections of modern design with contemporary art.

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‘Spread the word LOVE’ has a 3D story inside half sphere acrylic glass in which the word LOVE is spread. The flamingo symbolism stands for getting in touch with your emotions. It means allowing yourself to let go of feelings so you can regain balance. A flamingo represents having fun in your life, being social and gathering with other great people around you. Together the two flamingos’ make a heart shape, and an egg appears to have hatched under them. This egg, which also resembles a spaceship, has a door in the middle with a person standing in the center. This person is wearing a crown that is fed by the drops coming from the tap. It gives him wings but it also keeps him steady and on his two feet. He literally stands on the word LOVE and the accompanying space men/ persons around him also pronounce this and have this word on the eye-screens. The word LOVE is passed on and proclaimed everywhere. Lifelines also run outwards from the central person, which also pass on the love in nature. The more you spread love yourself, the more you sow, and love will grow and blossom. As if a tip is being given from space about how we should continue with our existence.

The egg is a symbol of creation, a sign of life, fertility, infinity, re-experiencing nature and then happiness, health and prosperity. Ever since the Egyptians, they worshiped the creative force of the sacred egg that equipped the universe with living wonders. They gave that divine power to the egg. The colour red of course stands for the colour of love.